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Zen State of Mind

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Neither the Left nor the Right.

Neither the Black nor the White.

Neither the Rich nor the Poor.

Neither This nor That.

This is a Zen State of Mind.

Divisiveness only exists in the mind

only you can make it real - johnjwillard, Nov. 2017

2018 New Year is here as the old debris from last year and the decades of culture follow. America and the world are in a social war, of tug of war, of holy will war, of the way life should be or how people should act. The judgements rain on the parade of a new day daily. As the 2016 Presidential Election social war continues with brutal jabs, lies and manipulations.

Question? What are all you posturizing about? Come On everyone, Stop It. Seriously, Please Stop. I am who I am. Never confuse, my involvement in the political war, with my realized state. I work always for "the benefit of all sentient beings", even if I get or when I get a bit too Zen Tough, I Do.

Remember everyone, Zen is all aspects of life. Acceptance of this brings the peace. Imperfectly perfect, I wrote for a decade. It has been butchered by the Ego of political correctness. Now all of a sudden the political and spiritual world feed Racism, Lies, Dishonest Self, Self righteousness or Holy Arrogance filled with projections or judgements while calling it God or Truth? The Black Magic Manipulators work overtime to drive the "narratives". It is from the nasty quest for more power, money and control. As American politics leads the world in the social moment. The spin doctors are manipulating the masses. In division others see opportunity, In division I see suffering. In love it does not exist.

I now look unto it, in a simple view, to see, no matter how modern or evolved we believe our society or species to be, the same traits of fear remain present. The last decade of spiritual or meditation teachings freely by many on the social networks, is now obvious, it was just a taste of The Great Awakening. Keep Going America, Keep Going Friends.

"Long since I have liberated my self from race, religion and ignorance."

Divisiveness only exists in the mind only you can make it real, is a truth that I wrote in a true Zen moment. If all the world could stop for a moment before reacting out of fear, what a world it would be. When one Awakens to the true reality of oneself or ones essence or the union of embodiment of Grace. One realizes in every breath, we are one.

So what is the key or koan to this post?

Communication & Compassion is the main key.

It is Time for society to shed separations and embrace...

Love & Support & Respect


It is all just a Zen State of Mind. Nothing is stopping you from being or living this. Peace.


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