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Truth Unveiled

"Pure clarity pierces through Crazy Illusions"

Is what you see or "think" is it imagination, thought, fantasy or is it reality or Truth?

This is one aspect of the Awakened Journey. The Process of Truth.

"Rainbow Fairy" shown above is one of the greatest works of art ever created. It is by one of the Icons of humankind, Claude Monet. This painting has been held in private collection for over a hundred years, the recent appraised value, of this one of a kind work of art, is $100,000,000. It is now, One of my favorites of all time. Take a deep look or breath, breath in the beauty, take in my words, how does this feel to you now?

Amazing is this not?!

However, what I just wrote in black in white, is in truth, a Lie!

This painting is not a painting. This is a actual photograph of Wisteria Tunnel in Japan. Go ahead, Google it. I now speak truth. Did I Get You? It got me at first. Only a fool knows all.

America politics is here today, one of my favorite themes, to hold up for display the meditation process in real life reality. In real time living motion, the events unfold. America right now is still in a social war, the process of truth, is alive and flowing daily. One side of the American political aisle believes or speaks truth, the other side, says something exactly opposite. So what is the real truth? Who speaks honestly, who is manipulating, who is speaking from true unknown clear or pure clarity. This is the Social War Debate.

On the journey in life. On the journey of meditation or Awakening. The dreams and visions run wild, the fantasy and mindset can consume oneself. After years of trial and error, turbulence of shocking moments popping ones "Dream State" or "Dream Bubble" one learns to gauge fantasy from reality. In my new Master Series, I will reveal the teachings and techniques, of, the process of truth. Will say this now:

Truth is Unveiled as The Calm within confirms it

Many a story is told, only one Truth can be...

Love & Support & Respect


Art Wisteria Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan.

Did the image get you? At first glance it got me, I than put on my detectors cap and did the process. To my surprise, I realized a true new joy in life. Now this is the Truth, I Now Know.


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