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The Thunder Roars

Updated: Nov 13, 2017

Hello. Welcome. The New site is here.

Thank You. Love You

"The sound of one hand clapping is thunderous"

It is from the silence the aliveness roars.

Poets, muses, masters and people of the origin passion

All know the sound of this whispering calm.

It explodes in an over flowing for life.

Simple words are my river runneth over.

Sparked by the lightning and as the thunder warns of the coming soon .

The water moments pour here now forever after.

May we share a few applauses together.

Stop now. Can You Hear it? Right now.

Clap with One hand. Here it is.

The storm has arrived.....

Love & Support & Respect


In 2006 I started writing on the Social Networks. In 2011, I was told, I had arrived. My reply than was, No. On this day, with the release of the New site. The long road of mastery imperfectly perfected, the process of after awakening was displayed to all and one, is now over. I will here say this to be true "I Have Arrived." May the Thunder Roar!

I Love You. I Am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank You.


Amen Om

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