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Sleeping Buddha

"The Tigre sleeps no more"

This is the true roar of the Awakened State.

Sleeping Buddha, Thailand

The great myth or mystery of the peaceful Buddha, is that in the Awakened state one is only at a peaceful place. This is the core within all ways, it is also one aspect. The world views Awakening as a place of meditation silence. The Buddha is total. Never known, what the masters of meditation may do, for the moment arises. All from the core of inner peace. As those believe the Buddha is at peace. He or She often Awaken and roar like the tiger. Having witnessed what others do, in great compassion, the Buddha roars like the tiger. The terrifying wonder to see the totality of the human being experience in full stride glory, is a rare moment to live. The Buddha is at peace, the master is at peace. The Buddha is alive, when it engages, the earth moves.

Aliveness in Stillness, Stillness in Aliveness.

Can You hear the Tigre roar now...

Love & Support & Respect



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