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Never Beyond

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Where Halfway home is all right here, right now

Hello friends.

The time has arrived. I have done it once again. I am now engaging a little new social creation call YouTube! Yes, it is an amazing new website, where you can place your own recorded videos or have your own video channel. It is going to be a huge deal for the World. I am thrilled to be apart of the ground breaking new experience. What a world this is.

Oh wait, this is 2018 not 2005! I may be slow but I am a lover of all wonderful things in life.

My official YouTube channel is now active. Enjoy.

So why did it take me so long to learn how to fly? It just was not my inspired time or more simple it just did. May the new adventure be a wonderful moment, as I share the often written moments and real life stories, pearls, with all who are interested.

Halfway Home is the first feature video. It is true life story mixed with a fabled story. However it is in the dedication and discipline of oneself, that when you truly commit yourself to a task or goal, good things can occur.

Life is always right, here.

"Never Beyond" this moment.

My moment now is...

Love & Support & Respect


Art: The photo of the winged woman, is one of my favorites. A beautiful woman of recent years, gave this to me. To remind me, of what I do, why I do it and to all ways remember, the journey I traveled and am living now. peace.


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