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Love Now, Swim Freely

Inspired to do so, So I do so.

The Muse and The Master.

A love affair of A lifetime

Once in a lifetime, if, One is lucky. They embrace the classic jam of the muse and the master. Adam and Eve, Man and Woman. It is of historic, it is of epic, it is of biblical events, this all time classic jam has been recorded. I am a man of Love, A man of meditation, a poet of Tantra.

Here on this post, I display the soft intimate under belly of every man, woman and action. The apple and the snake, the love and the hate. The master and the muse.

Tantra or Soul mate jam is a timeless jam of the balance of oneself. In the end, one finds, one. Oneself in One. If lucky, the One becomes, One plus One plus One. It is all is a hit song after the seek is over.

Here now, I celebrate, the love affair. Long passed are my days where I cried in a madness of tears of broken hearts of my lover gone. For In this breath I now take, I am grateful, for the love I am. The muse served myself well, for i found my true love, now, I share the jam, the muse is the mastery. I am the love I once seek.

God Bless the Muse.

God Bless the Poet.

God Bless the Master.

As the dance of the divine, illuminates us all In...

Love & Support & Respect


p.s, Art is of Eric Clapton, Derek and the Dominos. Layla was the great song. The quest for peace within another, Unrequited, casted away into sorrow of another day, in the end, Frandsen De Schonberg got the jam right. Love Now, Swim Freely. This is real love. peace.jjw


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