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Get It

Get It, Got It, Good.

If a Wiseman, told me this once, he told it to me twice.

He told it to me so many times, in so many ways, I walked past the way, as the breeze blew me away. One day, I looked only to see, me jamming this truth now, once maybe twice.

It does not get better than this, simple is as simple does, when you Get IT.

Get "It" ?! Yeah do you get "it". Do not answer until you do. Many claim it, those who do, own it. So what is Get It. The moment, the essence, the task, the lesson. You know? Go to the store ask Joe for a pack of Gum. Blue wrapper, small size. You get It? Be honest. Or did you space in the dream bubble? If you space, ask again. Never pretend to Get It.

Get it. In Task. Is one thing, a simple thing, that is the thing, that makes a great life. Get It, in meditation, well now, that is a whole other thing, when you get that, you will know, you do not know, life will just be one moment following another.

So When You "Get It". When You grasp the moment the breath the task, You got it. When You get it, when you got it. It is core. It is in your clenched fist, in you back pocket, it is yours, no one can take it from you. Never let go of it, rare pearls these get it moments. Small tasks or Epic epiphanies. All the same.

So you get it? Got it? Good!

Go live it, prove it, display it, in

Love & Support & Respect


Art:Umbrella street festival, Portugal. Umbrellas are the canopy of divinity or dignity. When You Get It. Your Good. Grace has Got. You covered. In peace.


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