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Free Am I

Updated: Jan 16, 2018

"We have come a long way, We have a long way to Go."

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

When every man, woman or child is free of slavery in the World. On this day, the world will sing the song of;

"Free at Last, Free at Last, God Almighty Free at Last!" MLK

Today, America celebrates the American Icon Martin Luther King Jr. As I am grateful for the day, the remembrance of a remarkable man, who devoted his life to truth, justice and equality. I am reminded that we have come so very far, in the road of ending segregation and oppression. As we celebrate the American Icon on this day. I can not be remissed, I am now also mindful, right now in the world, millions of beautiful people live under the control of brutal social injustices.

"Rise Above The Rhetoric, Rise Above the Rage" jjw

America supports Equality, America supports Justice

As the political social war continues. I now stop say to all who read.

Do not allow the manipulators of the world to erase, the hard blood shed steps, that this country has taken. It is a fabrication of a very elite nasty few, that, America still supports racism. It still exists, in small pockets or small minds of this country. We have come a long way, We have a long way to go is true. May we not tear down the steps already traveled, may we build upon them, Together.

May one day we celebrate the end of this horrific cruelty to our fellow man, woman or child. This is what I see or now say, is the true spirit of Dr. King. May the light of intelligence over ignorance, consciousness over color, guide us all.

Free Am I, Free Am I, Free Am I

In a breath, I am free to be...

Love & Support & Respect


Art : The photographs are by Lisa Kristine. She is a true modern day crusader educator of the brutal social injustices around the world. Her photography is of world class caliber, the message is timeless, Grace.


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