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Awakening of I Am

The You that you think is you is really No You.

It is So Simple.

Truth Love Realized

Hello, my friends.

Here we are once again. The Awakening of I am series is live on my Facebook page. All are welcomed. As I now type this, I am myself in awe of the wonder of life and the meditation path. In 2007, when I first wrote the series live on myspace . com. I never imagined I would write the series on the social networks for 11 years, 30 times. I am honored and humbled to here now.

I smile a giggle, right now. I was so concerned back than of the reaction of the public, of what would happen. Would the series get the real result, would I be banned by society, would the series be an absolute failure. Now after 11 years, those silly little thoughts, have long since faded, the series is a precious little wonder, somehow, we are all here today.

I am often asked how do I prepare for the series. The first time, I was asked, my head turned in a I do not understand gesture. As In tradition, the teachings are written live in the moment. I have used a basic theme outline for years, that unfolded, live in the moment, for it gets the real realization results. I do a 3 day personal meditation, sweeping clean, all the day to day debris of practical life. However, there is no preparation for the true teachings, in a seconds notice, I am alive all ways.

The series welcomes all people. Race, religion and politics, are set aside, as in tradition of true meditation, at the door, we drop are social and personal preferences, we come together, in the spirit of adventure, in the spirit of awareness, in the spirit of Awakened Ones.

It has been such a joy, never did I think or plan or worry or even know, the series would break new ground, become a historic happening in the world of meditation or humankind, I am so engrossed in the moment, I pay little attention to such things, until some one, calls it out to myself.

The great wonder of this series, is the moment, where, One beautiful human being "Gets It". Where they dissolve beautifully into a Oneness or an Awakened State. It is a precious moment, like few or non, I have ever been a witness to, in this life. It is beyond words, It a breathless awe of the incredible gift that this life truly Is. May the tears of joy, flow once more, as this adventure continues

I wish all a safe journey

As today, once more, we take a step a new, into...

Love & Support & Respect,


p.s. May the miracle of modern day technology unite with the ancient tradition. May the Awakening be realized in One for One of One. It is true, I only write for One. May we now meet, in the place where One become No One, where truth and love become Simple. Thank You, Love You. Amen Om.


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