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American Shade

Updated: Dec 3, 2017

"Evolution leaves no shade under the tree."

May the shadows, speak no more.

This week as I was on a small rant roar on my twitter profile. The election and the political climate inspired an in the moment review of where America is at in the timeline of this country. The words soon followed. American Shade was born.

The general theme was simple. Over the last decade plus the social networks was born. Like in the Sixties here in America, the love flowed free. I wrote freely endlessly during this Era. As with all moments or movements, the Sixties ended, as now Truth over Love is the focus on the social networks, The Love Wave or The Love Movement is now taking a back seat for The Truth Movement is alive.

"Reality settles In, the Ideology."

On this blog post, I spiritually expand the American Shade jam.

Life is not black and white. Life is this vibrant explosion of vast and simple moments living together in every moment. Love or Hope never fades or dies nor does Truth. It is in ones mind the separation occurs. In reality, the two are always here. So when change arrives or happens, just change your view, accept this moment. When you resist you suffer, if you suffer you are resisting. The Zen River Flows All Ways.

You need not suffer. Never be afraid of the shade under the tree. Your soul loves it, Your ego not so much. If you have courage and sit down under the tree for a moment, maybe you may one day look up, from this once now new dark fearful place. If you truly have the integrity to illuminate, the shade, ego or arrogance for real truth, peace, intelligence or grace. You may just see an explosion of colors are all around. The shade of you is never true, it is just in your personal view.

"Embrace all emotions, Embrace all colors."

In America at the moment, change is scaring the masses into madness. The fears from the shadows of life and self are overwhelming the many. The political scene is a social war of fear of control of truth and of now.

So here, I say it true.

"Deal with it."

It all works out, one way or another.

Trust the Process.

Is it evolution or is it enlightenment?

How do I know?

I am just sitting under a new tree, the view is spectacular spectacular.

Join me now in...

Love And Support & Respect


"Enlightenment leaves no shade under the tree."

America is currently going through the process of truth.The process of truth is a simple. Going through the process is not so easy. The shade under the tree is a wonderful poetic metaphor for the ego or fears of oneself. I know only of one way to deal with this aspect of life. You must face it, deal with it, accept it and eventually conquer it. It is the core to evolution of self or society. It is not new, it is now here. Here in America, the world as do I watch, as for the first time in civilization, millions of people now have to look at the shade under their tree. Life changed and exposed the Reality. American politics is just the ground under which the evolution of this generation occurs.

Safe Journey. Namaste'


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