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"Master Breath, Master Task"
This is the simple way of a good life.

johnjwillard is a meditation master. With over 10,000 hours of private practice, 20 years of training and teaching,

Trained by 5 modern day authentic lineage masters. John in April 2005 realized his enlightenment or true nature or Serenity.

Guiding hundreds of individuals privately for years, John is now recognized as One of the Cutting Edge of Consciousness teachers, guiding this new generation of teachers and students into the awakening world now

* T he Awakening of I Am series *
In 2007. johnjwillard releases the sacred transmission of Awakening or Enlightenment, freely to the world on the Social Networks on . It had never been done in the history of the human race. He has written the series now live in moment over 30 times over the last decade. It is an Epic moment, the series is a historic event in the  evolution of the world 
The Awakening of I Am
Makes Meditation Humankind History
* The sacred teachings released breaks historic ground.
Master Series
Online Basic Primer
Live on Facebook
Master Series
The complete teachings
Available on Amazon 2018
The Awakening of I Am
History making series 
Live on Facebook Events
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