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johnjwillard started blogging
live on stage myspace 2006. He is one of the premier authors or teachers of The Awakening, Meditation or real Inner Peace. All words are written in the unknown moment now.
Truth. Love. Realized.
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The new generation Awakens.

The new generation of meditation practitioners is alive among the world. As this generation is a tech savy, anti pop pop culture status elite non elite scene. The new man is roaring here in The United States of America.

Born from the ancient wisdom of enlightened masters essence, forged among the streets of rebels of the republic, American Buddha is thy name.

The Name writes the story, the description fulfills the totality of this mans human being experience.

American Buddha

GFY & Namaste

Amen Om

May it free or liberate the ancient dogma into a modern new day way.

It is simple my friends, Liberation starts from Honest self.

I am neither the east nor the west. I am who I am.

Born raised Awakened, right here in the USA.

love & support & respect


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“As the last gasp was a breathe deep, the world around faded away, unknown what would be, a single final tear surrendered, the simple treasure was soon to bloom or was It?.”

“I Am Done. It is all over. Goodbye “

These were the words she thought to herself for the moment. The plans she had worked for changed. The many months of planning for and dreaming for, abruptly ended. She was neither sad nor happy nor angered, she just was. As the reality set in, in a deep breathe, she felt the twinge, the rollercoaster of emotions over the last several months, had exhausted all within, she had not a single tear left to give, or so she thought, as her heart felt the soft inevitable truth, a single tear rolled down her cheek, splashing unto the Invite.

“How Poetic” she spoke

As the Invite to “Serenity”, her fabulous months of planning, party event, now cancelled. The single tear, landed on the photo of the Invite. A soft delicate loving pair of hands, cupped together in compassionate lovingness, open to gift, of receiving or giving, the black and white photo, was what she thought, the perfect moment, of intelligent invitation, for the Serenity party. The tear perfectly hit its mark, in the center of the open hands.

“How wonderful.” she reacted, with a grimace of frustration.

Turning to pick up a small clothe on table next to the easel, she bumped the bottle of yellow mixed paint, the paint in a second gone by, in slow motion, splashed down upon the black and white photograph, for surely ruining, her one lasting token of the event.

“How...” She looked in disbelief.

The accident in an innocent display of exasperations or disheartenment created a masterpiece moment. The yellow paint splashed perfectly in the hands of the black and white photo, creating a beautiful yellow flower, with a true sense of artistic fabulousness.

She had been searching for something yellow, to add to her painting, she had wanted to bring it to the Serenity party, she like the party had become stuck, in a moment of life adventured, the grace unknown stepped in, the inspiration was born.

Serenity Blooms.

She smiled. Maybe it will all work out. It just was not what I had expected. Looking at the photo she picked up the paint bottle, added a yellow abstract flower to her now finished painting.

“Perfect.” she smiled.

“Why Not?” glancing over at chair, in her little bedroom converted art studio, she looked at the ticket, she had bought. It was a train ticket, to go anywhere, she was going to use it to go to the Serenity. Now that the party was cancelled. She felt she had no use for it.

“I am going to Celebrate!” She laughed in an independent roar. This is my day. As she quickly got up, she showered, changed and dress. Her bags were packed, she had been well prepared for the party event, a hundred miles outside the city. It was to be a gathering with many friends and loves, when the news came, the event was cancelled.

“Well Stranger, I guess it is just you and me. Adventures Unknown.” She giggled.

The diamond necklace or red pearl. Did not reply. She picked up the sparkling wonder, with the now antique box, which the small little wonder called home and headed out the door.

“To the Train We Go!” were the last words spoken, as she left her flat.

“Adventures Unknown.” she cheered with a calm aliveness.

Arriving at the train station, she sat calmly now on bench, the smooth sweet serenity flowed in every breath. She was at such inner peace, the countless adventures of life, now produced a beautiful effect. Life is just life. Closing her eyes, the peaceful aliveness gave a comfort like never before. In this moment, all was at it should be, gone these days, were Her attempts to push the train, the train traveled where the train traveled to.

Opening Her eyes, she noticed a small boy sitting on a bench near her. As she watched the small boy, she noticed he was longingly looking at something. The boy seemed anxious or annoyed, she could not tell. Looking at his father, or who she assumed was his father, he sat sternly, not giving into the small childs tugs and talk at him.

She looked over to see what the young child was fixated on, it was the concession stand. Full of all the wonderful every child should never eat or digest. It was obvious, the boy was hungry.“

Well Now..” why not she thought.

“Excuse me Sir. It is my Birthday, I wondered if, you two would join me in a feast of concessions, my treat, while we wait for the train?”

The father looked surprised as the boys eyes jumped and sparkle in hope of relief of his torturous desire.

The father hesitated.“I hate to eat alone, Please.” She said with a loving smile.

“We would be honored.” He said with a sense of gratitude for the kindness gifted. As the three skipped over to the themed snackery, the sign on the establishment, had a beautiful yellow flower. The wonderful young lad abruptly exclaimed, “I am going to eat everything!”

Filling there arms full of all there delights, plus a bag or two, for something later, they sat on the bench once again, laughing and giggling at how good it was to eat.

“What is that?” The boy asked poking at the wooden box in her bag.

“Oh, That is my lucky charm. Would you like to see.” the boy nodded yes, as she removed the box.

Opening the box, the red diamond shined. “It is Beautiful” the innocent youth gleamed now with his full belly and eyes sparkling at the joy of it all.

“It is very old.” the father spoke in a calm tone.

“Yes, It is called the Red Pearl, I am told it is maybe a century or so old.” She replied.

“Oh No, that is incorrect, it is much older, May I take a look? I will be very careful with it, I assure you.”

“Why Not...” It was not the wisest thing to do, to hand over to a stranger in a train station, the red peal diamond, however, she figured, the little trouble maker could take care of itself, she and the diamond and made it this far, so she gently handed it to him.

“Oooh. There it is. You See here, the 3 little marks on the setting. This is the mark of the master. It is very old, it came from Persia!” He stated

“My father was a antique dealer of rare ancient middle eastern antiquities. I worked for him for years, before coming here to this country.

”She was Speechless. She gathered herself and told the two the brief history of the Red Pearl

“Here allow me to put it on for you.”

In a experienced gentile fashion, he placed the red pearl around her neck.

“What does it all mean?! She now asked, it was one of the few mysteries or unanswered questions that remained within her these days.

The Father took a moment, as the little boy fell into his Papa’s arms. He stared into her for a moment, with great aliveness and wisdom, he spoke.

A wise man once wrote “No where to Go, Nothing to Do, Nothing to Become.”

“Serenity.” she replied in a deep release or surrender. He only nodded the affirmative, as the peaceful moment over took, the station and the chaos.

“However, as one realizes this, a beautiful moment appears, it is not all for not. For eventually, The Serenity Blooms Allways!” He spoke truth now.

As the realization arrived, as did the train. She quickly got up, hugged the two a farewell of fabulous appreciation. “

I have to Go. I Got It!”

The train doors opened, she walked on bye with a smile. She was going home, Serenity Blooms.

As she walked back into her wonderful life filled flat. She looked into the mirror, the red pearl gleamed like never before, as did her wonderful soul eyes. The journey of the pearl, was the celebration all along.

Checking the phone, Her friends, sent message, the Party was back on in full bloom.

A single tear rolled down her cheek again, this time in forever lasting gratitude.

I am done. I am love. I am alive.

Thank You, Love You

the end.

Love & Support & Respect


Editor Note: Hmmm. Something is missing...

*the screen is blank and the words appear, live in the moment, the story is written and shared.

The Red Pearl is a story I have written once a year, live in the moment. This year is the final write of the story. Hope you enjoy. Yes, it a Birthday gift, to a wonderful human being. It is shared for one and all. What will now happen to the Red Pearl? Only the little troublemaker knows. We shall see, what the moment brings

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"The Tigre sleeps no more"

This is the true roar of the Awakened State.

Sleeping Buddha, Thailand

The great myth or mystery of the peaceful Buddha, is that in the Awakened state one is only at a peaceful place. This is the core within all ways, it is also one aspect. The world views Awakening as a place of meditation silence. The Buddha is total. Never known, what the masters of meditation may do, for the moment arises. All from the core of inner peace. As those believe the Buddha is at peace. He or She often Awaken and roar like the tiger. Having witnessed what others do, in great compassion, the Buddha roars like the tiger. The terrifying wonder to see the totality of the human being experience in full stride glory, is a rare moment to live. The Buddha is at peace, the master is at peace. The Buddha is alive, when it engages, the earth moves.

Aliveness in Stillness, Stillness in Aliveness.

Can You hear the Tigre roar now...

Love & Support & Respect


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