"Destiny is shown in Reality"

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My name is john judson willard, my friends call me Satchi.

I was born October 3rd, 1967 in Southern California, United States of America.

I am the youngest of three children. Two sisters Laura and Linda.

Parents Shirley and Robert Willard. I was raised in a upper middle class life.

I Awakened April 26th, 2005 Southern California, United States of America.

After thousands of hours of training on the spiritual journey.

I Am now a author, art dealer, meditation master. My current journey is that of one the ancient wisdom calls a householder. In this world but not of it, is the age old adage. I know nothing of such things, I am only alive here in the now.  The rest is just history dissolved into the winds of timeless time.

Love & Support & Respect johnjwillard


little man child

Mama's Boy

My mother is the saint in my life.

Shirley Faye Willard

College Graduate MBA, CSUF. 1950's career professional. Beloved Mother

Robert Edgar Willard

Attorney at Law. Harvard Graduate. Published Hastings Journal. Beloved Father.

1962 Robert & Shirley Willard

Mom and Dad had a great relationship. They awakened every day laughing.

Linda Ann Willard

My wonderful sister Linda. deceased.

My Incredible loving sister Laura

Laura & Husband Jeff. Are a true American success story. My beautiful nieces Kristine & Stephanie.

I Love Sports. Baseball Allstar

Soccer man

My youth was sports.

Highschool Baseball

I could hit the ball a mile.

The 80's - those were the days

Guitar was my Gig

Great Woman

I was married long ago. Over a decade. The journey stepped in. Grateful Grateful.

My spiritual journey was Epic!

April 26th 2005 I AM

A Rose is a Rose Summer 2005

Ganga Ji

"Go Beyond Enlightenment" Ganga ji to Satchi

Chop Wood Music dealer to Art dealer

private fine art consultant 2008

satchisong 2010

celebrations of a lifetime

johnjwillard 2007

Master Years 2013

Soul Eyes I Am Who I Am

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

Sedona Celebration 2014

Dear friend Robert in Sedona, Az.

Sedona 2014

2014 Sedona Celebration

prayer time 2014

Life is a Celebration 2014

the tiger roars ever more 2015

Soul Moon Shining 2016

2017 Is That So

"I Am Who I Am"

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