"Destiny is shown in Reality"

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My name is john judson willard, my friends call me Satchi.

I was born October 3rd, 1967 in Southern California, United States of America.

I am the youngest of three children. Two sisters Laura and Linda.

Parents Shirley and Robert Willard. I was raised in a upper middle class life.

I Awakened April 26th, 2005 Southern California, United States of America.

After thousands of hours of training on the spiritual journey.

I Am now a author, art dealer, meditation master. My current journey is that of one the ancient wisdom calls a householder. In this world but not of it, is the age old adage. I know nothing of such things, I am only alive here in the now.  The rest is just history dissolved into the winds of timeless time.

Love & Support & Respect johnjwillard

"I Am Who I Am"

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